Do you work in the rain?
Yes we do. We will only stop in extreme conditions, i.e. Heavy rain, strong wind, snow or ice.

Do you notify me before you turn up?
Yes we will give you a courtesy reminder text message or call the day before your clean is due.

How do you accept payment?
We accept cash, bank transfer, cheques or debit / credit card. For regular cleans, we will accept payment by Direct Debit (GoCardless).

Are you fully insured?
Yes we have public liability insurance that covers us and you up to £5m. We are also DBS checked.

Do I need to be home when you arrive?
No you don’t need to be at home for general window cleaning as long as we have some form of access to the whole house. Or alternatively, we can just clean the front of your house and any side windows we can get to if you are away and we will put a receipt through your letter box with payment details.

Are you in uniform?
Yes, we are in company-branded uniform with our company logo clearly showing at all times.

Do we need a tap / water supply?
For window cleaning, we use our own pure water in the van.

Why are my windows being left wet – is that right?
The water we use is purified so any drops left on the windows will dry naturally without leaving residue or streaks. This will disappear approximately within 30 minutes.

Can you clean hard to reach areas, such as windows above conservatories?
Yes, we have equipment to be able to clean hard to reach areas.

If you need window cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch areas, please contact us.